”Growth is intentional,the passion to write is what drives me…it doesn’t matter who reads or not,I only realise this when am done writing…!”


I realised that not everyone is ready for growth. Many considers it to be automatic,others will say that they only need luck so as to be at the imagined level,but without consistency, passion, sense of urgency and proper will to face :

Fear of Failure
thinking that you will fail automatically, I call it the inferior thinking-all you see and imagine is failure. You think in terms of ”Others will succeed unless I collaborate with them”

Fear of Beginning-you prefer doing things later instead of doing them right at the moment.

Fear of Being Unique-you like doing what other people are doing. Think of this,you are attending a very important educational meeting,and on this very day everyone is on a tie,you later discover that you are the odd one out! The whole day gets spoiled due to a little thing that matters little to the rest. But as for you…

Fear of What Others Will Say or Think
 About You.

Fear that Success Will Alienate Peers

If you are a people-pleaser type of a person,this will kill your potential much easily if no one is acknowledging your work and progress.

We all have fears. But here’s the good
news. We also all have faith. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Which emotion will I allow to be stronger?” Your answer is important, because the stronger
emotion wins. I want to encourage you to feed your faith and starve your fears.

The above title,kills many writers, bloggers, athletes, wrestlers, artistes and musicians who do their fields without goals. And remember,having goals is not the main thing,NO! But

Preparation (growth) + Attitude + Action (doing something

about it) = Pursued Goal

I don’t have a good reason to why you Should Give Up on that which you had already started. Believe it,that everyone is Unique. The length of your lips while smiling are not as every-ones! And that difference doesn’t make us not to smile…yeah, we smile at every-ones pleasure and this,should bring you to the fact of life,that YOU ARE UNIQUE! Smiling is an in-born thing as well as your potential and abilities, you can’t force them out…No! No! No! But your willingness to unveil them will do.

The other thing I realised, is living life as your mind,soul and strength love it. And by accepting these three things,you will find yourself enjoy doing what you do by embracing it yourself then the others is when they will join you with your celebrations!

And after celebrations, people will have got a clinch of who you are. Others will like you to the end, but some minors will start criticising your hairstyle,walking style, your family, your hard-work, progress and probably, you will hear some saying that you are a proud man! But do you really need to consume all those negatives? Not really…shake them off and move on and on…

People talk behind your back for several reasons:

  • If they can not reach you-they will always talk.
  • If they want to diminish your focus,they will talk so as to shift your focus to other minor things.
  • If they fail to understand you.
  • If they have nothing to do. Talking becomes their Main work.
  • If they do or don’t admire your lifestyle,they will always find a reason to talk about.
  • If they can’t see your front-they will Talk!

And if you fall under the people-pleaser category,you have to train how not to please them. This could be your main thing to tackle if you don’t want to fail. Let them be themselves as you become yourself! Don’t allow them to affect your love to those you care most, your family being the fast in line. Keep on moving,doing what you love and you will see the final results.


Writers do write everyday.

Even if there is nothing to write about! They will always write! Its their culture and failure to adhere to it,it’s a taboo! Haha..

you will always be who you are,even when you try to fake it…the you in you will always reveal itself to us!


And the hardest person to be honest to,is yourself…

Its true…

And if you haven’t got anything throughout the reading,please get this…

”Starting something with a thought of failure will always infuriate your potential,thinking how you will survive through it all when all is not fine with you,will empower your faith.”

Let’s meet tomorrow having fought all our fears!




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