Reason clears and plants the wilderness of the imagination to harvest the wheat of art. Austin O’Malley

One of this fine days I found myself paying attention to something ordinary of which it’s not that it was my first day to see this. No. Am used to the life of interacting with cereals.
But do you know that there is something interesting with seeds?
Take an example of a millet seed. So tiny it is,but the results out of it….makes us be after
the most sold snacks. The small size it is…the more labour we have. Farmers have to prepare land for the sowing activities. After the land is ready,this means that sowing can take place. And we all know from the basics of science,that for germination to
occur,warmth,oxygen and moisture are the major requirements needed by these small seeds.
For the moisture to enter into the seeds,there is a small opening called micropyle just near the scar. This is the main entry for all watery substances. After it has entered,several activities takes place that causes the seed to swell…later on it’s when we see the radical and the plumule. They are now busy looking for other nutrients required by the germinating seed.
The new plant is now on its own survival,if the weather conditions are favourable,all things will go on well until time for harvest when the crop is ready for that process.
The best thing about the seeds obtained is that they have to undergo a very tough process to obtain the flour that we all have at our homes for baking purposes.
But why should I write all this well-known process?
What I got from those seeds is that we are all like those seeds. We are a result of our parents. Then you have to get this that the way you are,you are just like that seed dried on
the ground…alive but passive!
I want to let out that passive seed inside of you to germinate if you will. But I believe that you can’t be reading this if you don’t have the passion to germinate! That’s nice of you!
Lets get it on…

I have several steps which will cause your germination.
You have to believe the fact that your body is just a SEED COAT!
Nothing can enter into you unless it passes through your ears. Your heart is the main seed. All nutrients for the soul has to be processed in the mind for them to be suitable for the heart consumption.
God brought you His servants to work on your soul. Your soul is their field to be worked on. If you allow them to clean it up for you,then you will be on a good whether that will do sustain your existence. These men have the best nutrients for you. They know exactly what your soul needs. If you take time and give them an ample time to weed out all unwanted undergrowth out of you,then you will be one of the best fields expected to produce the best harvest ever!
Allow the fact that while pruning out the weeds which may slow down you rate of growth,you will have to bear the pain that comes with the tough thing.
The dry season may seem not good for your existence,but let the hardship,pain and disappointments shape you. And at this very moment,many will be waiting to see your fruit. And for this stage to occur, Sacrifice is needed…you have to Release the whole thing out of you. You have to Let It Go.

Be on the submissive side… this will save you a lot. Once you agree to be as per say, then expect more from them. They will pour out their labour on you. Favour will locate you. Good relationships and company will be your companion!
So, how ready are you to be like this seed?
Great things are awaiting you…


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