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Reason clears and plants the wilderness of the imagination to harvest the wheat of art. Austin O’Malley

One of this fine days I found myself paying attention to something ordinary of which it’s not that it was my first day to see this. No. Am used to the life of interacting with cereals.
But do you know that there is something interesting with seeds?
Take an example of a millet seed. So tiny it is,but the results out of it….makes us be after
the most sold snacks. The small size it is…the more labour we have. Farmers have to prepare land for the sowing activities. After the land is ready,this means that sowing can take place. And we all know from the basics of science,that for germination to
occur,warmth,oxygen and moisture are the major requirements needed by these small seeds.
For the moisture to enter into the seeds,there is a small opening called micropyle just near the scar. This is the main entry for all watery substances. After it has entered,several activities takes place that causes the seed to swell…later on it’s when we see the radical and the plumule. They are now busy looking for other nutrients required by the germinating seed.
The new plant is now on its own survival,if the weather conditions are favourable,all things will go on well until time for harvest when the crop is ready for that process.
The best thing about the seeds obtained is that they have to undergo a very tough process to obtain the flour that we all have at our homes for baking purposes.
But why should I write all this well-known process?
What I got from those seeds is that we are all like those seeds. We are a result of our parents. Then you have to get this that the way you are,you are just like that seed dried on
the ground…alive but passive!
I want to let out that passive seed inside of you to germinate if you will. But I believe that you can’t be reading this if you don’t have the passion to germinate! That’s nice of you!
Lets get it on…

I have several steps which will cause your germination.
You have to believe the fact that your body is just a SEED COAT!
Nothing can enter into you unless it passes through your ears. Your heart is the main seed. All nutrients for the soul has to be processed in the mind for them to be suitable for the heart consumption.
God brought you His servants to work on your soul. Your soul is their field to be worked on. If you allow them to clean it up for you,then you will be on a good whether that will do sustain your existence. These men have the best nutrients for you. They know exactly what your soul needs. If you take time and give them an ample time to weed out all unwanted undergrowth out of you,then you will be one of the best fields expected to produce the best harvest ever!
Allow the fact that while pruning out the weeds which may slow down you rate of growth,you will have to bear the pain that comes with the tough thing.
The dry season may seem not good for your existence,but let the hardship,pain and disappointments shape you. And at this very moment,many will be waiting to see your fruit. And for this stage to occur, Sacrifice is needed…you have to Release the whole thing out of you. You have to Let It Go.

Be on the submissive side… this will save you a lot. Once you agree to be as per say, then expect more from them. They will pour out their labour on you. Favour will locate you. Good relationships and company will be your companion!
So, how ready are you to be like this seed?
Great things are awaiting you…




”Growth is intentional,the passion to write is what drives me…it doesn’t matter who reads or not,I only realise this when am done writing…!”


I realised that not everyone is ready for growth. Many considers it to be automatic,others will say that they only need luck so as to be at the imagined level,but without consistency, passion, sense of urgency and proper will to face :

Fear of Failure
thinking that you will fail automatically, I call it the inferior thinking-all you see and imagine is failure. You think in terms of ”Others will succeed unless I collaborate with them”

Fear of Beginning-you prefer doing things later instead of doing them right at the moment.

Fear of Being Unique-you like doing what other people are doing. Think of this,you are attending a very important educational meeting,and on this very day everyone is on a tie,you later discover that you are the odd one out! The whole day gets spoiled due to a little thing that matters little to the rest. But as for you…

Fear of What Others Will Say or Think
 About You.

Fear that Success Will Alienate Peers

If you are a people-pleaser type of a person,this will kill your potential much easily if no one is acknowledging your work and progress.

We all have fears. But here’s the good
news. We also all have faith. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Which emotion will I allow to be stronger?” Your answer is important, because the stronger
emotion wins. I want to encourage you to feed your faith and starve your fears.

The above title,kills many writers, bloggers, athletes, wrestlers, artistes and musicians who do their fields without goals. And remember,having goals is not the main thing,NO! But

Preparation (growth) + Attitude + Action (doing something

about it) = Pursued Goal

I don’t have a good reason to why you Should Give Up on that which you had already started. Believe it,that everyone is Unique. The length of your lips while smiling are not as every-ones! And that difference doesn’t make us not to smile…yeah, we smile at every-ones pleasure and this,should bring you to the fact of life,that YOU ARE UNIQUE! Smiling is an in-born thing as well as your potential and abilities, you can’t force them out…No! No! No! But your willingness to unveil them will do.

The other thing I realised, is living life as your mind,soul and strength love it. And by accepting these three things,you will find yourself enjoy doing what you do by embracing it yourself then the others is when they will join you with your celebrations!

And after celebrations, people will have got a clinch of who you are. Others will like you to the end, but some minors will start criticising your hairstyle,walking style, your family, your hard-work, progress and probably, you will hear some saying that you are a proud man! But do you really need to consume all those negatives? Not really…shake them off and move on and on…

People talk behind your back for several reasons:

  • If they can not reach you-they will always talk.
  • If they want to diminish your focus,they will talk so as to shift your focus to other minor things.
  • If they fail to understand you.
  • If they have nothing to do. Talking becomes their Main work.
  • If they do or don’t admire your lifestyle,they will always find a reason to talk about.
  • If they can’t see your front-they will Talk!

And if you fall under the people-pleaser category,you have to train how not to please them. This could be your main thing to tackle if you don’t want to fail. Let them be themselves as you become yourself! Don’t allow them to affect your love to those you care most, your family being the fast in line. Keep on moving,doing what you love and you will see the final results.


Writers do write everyday.

Even if there is nothing to write about! They will always write! Its their culture and failure to adhere to it,it’s a taboo! Haha..

you will always be who you are,even when you try to fake it…the you in you will always reveal itself to us!


And the hardest person to be honest to,is yourself…

Its true…

And if you haven’t got anything throughout the reading,please get this…

”Starting something with a thought of failure will always infuriate your potential,thinking how you will survive through it all when all is not fine with you,will empower your faith.”

Let’s meet tomorrow having fought all our fears!



It’s Time to Write!


A good record is that which has been put down on paper.

Over the past days I have been thinking whether to write down my story or Not. It has never been easy as  you may take it. Writing needs courage/boldness and a clear memory. I believe in writing and written articles. Books and everything we have, has to be put down as a plan of what we’ve wanted to see as the final product.

In my field of interest, I love anything which inspires other people. And if it happens that, the thing which put a smile on a friend’s face seems to be interesting, probably…. that thing has to be put down even in a dairy, or  a note book.

Writing reminds us of what was in the past. It brings those old memories and as you continue doing the reading…your mind gives you an image! Though it might be not the real image…. and by this, imagination improves as well as creativity…

Writing improves ones confidence as he/she is giving out his view and by that, you are able to enjoy the freedom of expression and communication. I love reading from different sources. I have lots of books to read every month…don’t include the Bible because reading a Bible has to be a daily thing… or do you count something like snacks and drinks as part of your meals in a day? Reading the Bible is and has to be a daily thing as breathing. Then have external things in your social accounts like Pinterest, blogs, LinkedIn and even Facebook!

Let those be your main guides to what you want to read.

And if you read…definitely you are a leader.

Leaders read a lot. Writers do it more…and its hard to be reader and lack some words of wisdom. Let it be a habit from now on. The more you read wonderful content, you might find yourself reading something that may save your life and other people’s lives. And for the writers, it’s your responsibility to read more, and write more. Feed your brains with great stuff to give out later. People will forget what you said with a word of mouth…but they will always have you when you put it down on paper. Even generations who will be in exist some years ahead, they will still read of your mind.

You are standing in a gap to save many souls, many lives are waiting for your writings…. it’s time to take that pen in the drawer, that book you threw away…find it and write something. Song writers are doing it, poets are writing their poems…and you can’t just sit there and do nothing. It’s time…to be one…


I have to mention those guys who inspire me greatly with their writings… though my list is just long check out what these two guys are doing it. You will be amazed.

Daisy Notes – is a wonderful blog full of words of hope to children, women and even men… you have to visit the site and see what stuff is in there.

Ruth Matete is doing a great job too. Being a Praise and worship team leader, she does music-Gospel music to be specific, she owns a music school also, and still, she finds time to write those awesome articles.

Next time I want to see your writings and much great stuff from you.

For there is great potential in the inside of you which you have never  thought of.

I hope to see your blog and other great writing platforms as we shape Each other.

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step… Start with…


and make it to the Back page!!!

Its Possible!

Dream On…

I don’t know why our awesome pictures do fade away;of who we would like to be in the future!Which we thought would take long to seen.
However,how many times do us see things not working out well as expected?
On my view,to the reasons to why we never achieve our dreams, is;
a)What We hear.(what we keep listening)
b)Who we associate to
c)Our environment
d)Having ‘Imposted’ mentors
e)Our education system
f)Inadequate supply of educational funds.
g)Our health systems
h)Failure to meet our daily basic needs.
And the list is just endless…But do all these make us not to keep living?The only thing that will do lead us from these things,is FREEDOM!
Its true that we are a “free state”;free from colonial government.But the truth is,under God’s Kingdom,we are untouchable.Once you know who you really are…NO one will ever cross your way!
We have to be free from politics!Free from injustustice,drugs,corruption,selfishness,negligence,laziness…And do something positive!
If you can Dream it,you can Have it.

What’s This…That Am Special?

For God so loved the world,that He gave his One and Only son,that whoever believes in him shall not perish,but have eternal life-John 3:16


It might be true that you have heard of the above words uncountable times,or this could be your first time. But am really concerned about you who has already read this and am not asking you of how many times have you heard this. They say that repetition is the mother of learning,so when you hear a word once,that word is communicating for Action. When you hear it for the second time,it means that you have to go beyond Action;which is a more serious thing…and that is Calling the Inner You to Awake! The inner you is much alert on the second call. Am going to give you the reason to that later. The third call,makes the You to be out for the Right Steps. It mostly involves your spiritual man mostly. The decisions you make,depends on what you have been feeding it. It’s the most sensitive part of all living creatures.

You have to understand this better,that all spiritual bodies are much closer to God! And the Relationship between you and God,is what determine what you have,and what you don’t have. Just think of how every child is always closer to its parents. Anything that the child requires from the parent,they get. But as the child continues to grow,he learns things which he wasn’t taught by the parent. And at this point,it’s where things probably may fall apart.

More-so,if the child has been learning evil things. The ‘child’ at this stage feels independent,powerful and Strong than the parent,seeing that you are wiser than your elders,and a feeling of maturity cheats them. And all these…is just Pride.

That’s the strategy which the enemy uses to kill the precious Gifts you were given by God. You were born with great potential. Great talents which God the Father knew that you are capable of taking great care of them,God first trusted you even before you were conceived in your mother’s womb. Am saying this because there is no way you can give someone to keep your items if you don’t know them. It has never happened! In Jeremiah 1:5,God is speaking to Jeremiah saying that,

”Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

The same thing happened to each one of us. Look at Moses,God knew him before he was born,his mission was to lead the children out of Egypt some years ahead. Little did he know that the king who loved him was the one order for his death! Look at David’s line of story,God had all things in control…also think of Isaac,Abraham’s son,he was to be the source of a Jacob the father of Joseph! Think of Noah,prophet Isaiah,Jonah,Esther,Job,Jepther,Gideon,Joshua,John the Baptist and the list is so long…and I wonder why Not You? If Jesus undergone rejection from his own people,and he had the most precious Gift-Salvation to all nations,why feel like you are inferior?


He gave us power to overcome all sort of evils. The Holy Spirit is our helper. He helps us in making wise decisions,power to heal,power to communicate with the Father in a language that Only Him understands!

The Gift You Have


A story is given of a certain man who was on a journey in Matthew 25:14-30. But he decided to give out some of his property to his servants. He gave five talents to the first one,the 2nd got two talents,and the 3rd got one talent.

The 1st and the 2nd went and did some investments on their given treasures. The 3rd servant decided not do anything,but to hide it in a safe place and wait the day which the owner will require it. I believe he thought that he was wise!

When the master came,he asked them what they had done with the talents he had left with them. The 1st  and the 2nd gave out a positive feedback…and their master was so proud of them such that he even gave them more talents!what about to the 3rd one?He gave a negative feedback and woe to him,since the little one he had,he wasn’t trusted with it!And it was taken from him,and the one with more talents was added this one!

I don’t know what God has given you. Is it singing,drawing,writing,running,swimming or any other gift,how are you using it in relation to the story above? How effective are you in that area to glorify Him who gave it all to you?

Be wise and get to know of the tricks the enemy is using to steal your gift. He knows that God loves you,he knows that he can’t give you what God has given you,he knows that when you outdo yourself in doing God’s will,he will be ashamed!He knows that God expects the best out of you!He knows that God protects those who are doing His will!He knows how precious and valuable you are to God!He knows that you are above him since you are God’s sons and daughters…

And do you think he will just sit and see all these going well and away from him?Noway!

He is doing something to steal,kill and destroy your relationship with God. That is his main goal…so,will you just let him destroy what you have? Will you pretend that all is well with you when he is on a mission to kill you? Will you allow him steal your peace? Will you…

It’s time to fight the good fight…

And the only weapon is just here with you…Worship is a weapon,Jesus is the Hope and Prayer is the best way to activate the war tricks!

When the enemy blows you with bullets and bombs…


There Is Prayer-Proof!